CERTIFIED is a platform created for Real Motorcyclists. All your rides will be verified and certified by our panel of jury.

And it is not just about the ride, you can also use the ‘CERTIFIED’ platform to immortalise your motorcycling achievements or record rides, You can also celebrate special motorcycling moments and get recognition for your skills or experience, or expertise or showcase your motorcycle collection.

In short ‘CERTIFIED’ is built around the Rider and his Motorcycle. Think of anything unique or special occasion that deserves to be captured for posterity, this platform if for you.

You can choose from our list or create your own ride to begin with and in the coming days, we will be adding more rides, experiences, challenges, riding moments to the platform.

CERTIFIED is meant to capture your riding experience and Motorcycling achievements for you to showcase it to the world


Safety is our first and only priority, so we will never ask you to achieve any ride nor encourage any ride that involves risks in terms of Time, Distance and Speed. For us your safety and your riding experience is what matters.

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